The Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and Sciences (Grades K-8) is managed by a Board of Trustees. Every Board member is accessible to every parent, student, staff member and community member. Every concern is guided through proper channels and brought to a satisfactory resolution. All members of the public are welcome, to sit and listen to the Board of Trustees conduct its business during publicly scheduled meetings. Members of the public who have registered with the Administrative office to participate in public comment by 5pm on the day before this scheduled meeting (5pm on Friday before a Monday board meeting) may participate in public comment. Comments will be limited to three minutes unless the Board of Trustees decides to grant additional time. Commenters who wish to enroll for public comment may do so by contacting the school’s CEO at or by telephone by contacting Dr. Jill Clark at (215) 537-2520.

Javier Kuehnle, Chairman
Javier Kuehnle is a founding board member of Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School, which was founded in 2000. As the President and C.E.O. of Spalding Automotive, Inc. and C.A. Spalding Company, Javier provides engineering and manufacturing services to the automotive and aerospace
industries. Javier is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. He was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico but has spent most of his life living in Philadelphia. In addition to his work with Philadelphia Performing Arts: A String Theory Charter School and The Philadelphia Charter School for the Arts and Sciences at H.R. Edmunds, he has served on the board of the Latino Scholarship Fund.

Pastor William Brad Leach, Vice Chairman
Pastor William Leach has actively looked for opportunities to meet educational needs in Philadelphia; he was immediately drawn to the mission of all String Theory Schools when he began serving on the Board of Trustees of Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School in 2010. Pastor Leach is an experienced leader devoted to establishing and reproducing churches that serve the city. In 2011, he started CityLife Church in South Philadelphia. CityLife has grown to be a thriving, diverse, lifegiving church for its neighborhood. Brad’s dream is to invest in leaders and mobilize volunteers who will impact the city both physically and spiritually.

Kristin Kubach, Secretary
Kristin Kubach has been serving on the Board of Trustees since 2011. Kristin is the Director of Nursing for the Surgery Center of Pennsylvania Hospital. She is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Nursing Administration with a concurrent PostMaster’s Certificate in Nursing Education. As a Northeast Philadelphia resident, Kristin and her family have been active and enthusiastic members of the String Theory community since 2004.

Krista Alexander, Treasurer
Krista Alexander has been a funeral director since 1992 in which she arranges and coordinates funeral services for families of Philadelphia. In addition, Krista works as a Medical Assistant at Broad Street Weight Management. Krista has been involved with the String Theory Schools community in Philadelphia since the first school’s inception. She proudly serves on the Boards of Trustees of Philadelphia Performing Arts and Arts and Sciences.

Evelt Vertil, Trustee
Evelt Vertil has been working in the service industry for over 10 years. In March of 2014, Evelt started his own business, Barnabas Limo LLC. Evelt is also employed as a motivational/inspirational speaker for a myriad of events and causes. Mr. Vertil is currently on the Boards of Trustees of Arts and Sciences and Philadelphia Performing Arts.

Ramona Griffiths, Trustee
Ramona Griffiths most recently worked as a child specialist at Elwyn Apple Seeds in Philadelphia. She assisted parents in navigating through the system, providing resources and support to assure the best quality of life and environment for their children. Previously, Ramona was a Correctional Sergeant at Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center (PICC) where she managed operations and trained and mentored new team members. She promoted compliance of all areas within the Department of Corrections’ policies and procedures to assure quality measures and institutional standards were being followed. Ramona proudly serves on the Board of Trustees for Arts and Sciences.

Ronald Pigliacelli, Trustee
Ron Pigliacelli has been employed for almost 30 years at Deb Shops, a woman’s retail clothing chain of approximately 300 stores (DEB) and successful ecommerce website, as Director of Import Operations. In this capacity, Ron is responsible for the finance, shipping & logistics and U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) compliance of the company’s international transactions. Additionally, he has been a working member of the Treasurers & Ticketsellers Local 752 (an affiliate of IATSE) for over 40 years. As a proud grandparent of two current Performing Arts students, Ron has often admired the direction and quality of education offered at the schools under the String Theory umbrella. Combining this with my longstanding association with Angela & Joseph Corosanite, Ron eagerly accepted the invitation to join the Boards of Trustees of The Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and Sciences and Philadelphia Performing Arts. Ron wholeheartedly believes great things are still ahead for all of the schools.

Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule 2021-22

August 16, 20216:00 P.M.Zoom MeetingAgenda
September 20, 20216:00 P.M.Zoom MeetingAgenda
October 18, 20216:00 P.M.Zoom Meeting
November 15, 20216:00 P.M.Zoom Meeting
January 17, 20226:00 P.M.Zoom Meeting
February 21, 20226:00 P.M.Zoom Meeting
March 21, 20226:00 P.M.Zoom Meeting
April 18, 20226:00 P.M.Zoom Meeting
May 16, 20226:00 P.M.Zoom Meeting
June 20, 20226:00 P.M.Zoom Meeting

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