Mission & Philosophy

It is the mission of all String Theory Schools:
To Educate each student according to age and development so that learning and growth are united.
To Integrate the developing mind and body of the student with academics and the performing arts and
To Ensure each student’s excellence in core and academic skills.
To Awaken and preserve the spirit of our students through the visual and digital arts, vocal arts,
instrumental music, creative writing, classical ballet, foreign language, innovations in the field of
science, all intertwined with technology, and;
To Nourish this spirit and curiosity so that students continue to flourish long after the end of formal
In order to accomplish this mission, String Theory Schools offer a comprehensive educational program
that emphasizes equally academic and artistic excellence. Utilizing the arts as a catalyst, String Theory
Schools harness the most innovative teaching and learning techniques, to serve as a model for education
and to prepare students for success.
We believe every student is gifted and has specific intelligences that must be nurtured. Providing
students with equal opportunity for learning and discovery and development of their innate potentials,
through String Theory Schools’ unique and rigorous curriculum blending academic and artistic
excellence, we enable our students to become the next generation of creative leaders.