Curriculum & Culture


In our Elementary Schools, students begin their learning in kindergarten with immersion into our caring and highly individualized program of both academics and the arts. The curriculum creates an outstanding foundation from which academic success can be scaffolded. Students progress from one level to the next with the requisite skills not only in content but also in higher order thinking, prepared to analyze for deeper meaning.

Beginning in kindergarten, the arts program introduces students to the performance and visual arts such as drawing, vocal music, instrumental music, and dance. As their talents develop, opportunities are created for them to stretch their learning and interests. Choir, dance class, and art shows allow the students to demonstrate their learning and newly honed skills.

Research shows that early foreign language exposure enhances a child’s primary language development, thus increasing his or her brainpower!

This is why we begin our foreign language skills program in kindergarten, which naturally leads to greater success in foreign language study in high school and college. French is our language of choice and the language of the arts. The French Department uses the American Council of Teaching Foreign Language Standards for the curriculum, providing students with an interdisciplinary, cross-curricular study of the French language and culture.

As the years have passed, we have been intentional about infusing Creative Writing in all content and curricular areas, from kindergarten through 8th grade. Best practices in education dictate writing across the curriculum, and our students certainly validate their learning through written expression. Students write personal narratives, folk tales, scripts and stories related to ELA and the grade level content.



In grades five through eight, our Middle Schools, students continue to develop both academically and artistically. All content areas are now divided and taught by department, thus allowing students to experience each subject more thoroughly and distinctly. Novels are read through both independent reading and guided instruction. ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science round out the academic program. Students may take advanced classes in grades seven and eight. If students take Algebra in the eighth grade, they must also take the Keystone exam at the conclusion of the course.

Eureka Math Curriculum


Wonders Reading Curriculum