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Arts & Innovation Immersion

Beginning in kindergarten, String Theory Education™ inspires students to explore their creativity and individual talents in specialized arts and science classes.

All kindergarten through fourth grade students receive daily instruction in the arts and sciences in addition to their academic classes. It is wonderful to see the excitement and curiosity that our young students bring to these classes each day! 

Kindergarten through fourth grade students participate in the following classes each week: 

  • Classical Ballet

  • Creative Writing
  • French Language
  • Innovations in Science
  • Instrumental Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Vocal Music

As students progress in these specialized classes, they gain and develop a variety of skills in addition to content knowledge, including:

  • higher order thinking
  • critical thinking
  • confidence
  • self-discipline

There are multiple opportunities for students in all grades to showcase their academic and artistic studies, such as yearly concerts and performances.

Kindergarten through fourth grade are the years where our students are able to try all of the specialized classes we offer and discover what interests them most. By fifth grade, students enter the Majors Program, and narrow their focus to an artistic or academic area of study.

Research shows that early foreign language exposure enhances a child’s primary language development, thus increasing  brainpower!

This is why we begin our foreign language skills program in kindergarten, which naturally leads to greater success in foreign language study in high school and college. French is our language of choice and the language of the arts. The French Department uses the American Council of Teaching Foreign Language Standards for the curriculum, providing students with an interdisciplinary, cross-curricular study of the French language and culture.

Our Classrooms and Studios

String Theory Education's learning spaces are designed to activate the wonder, innovation, and art within our community, school, world, and selves.

Our school model reinforces the notion that students must feel safe and secure in order to reach their full potential for creation and productivity. We strive to bring the world of possibilities to students by offering spaces for learning, inventing, collaborating, creating, and performing that will stimulate and inspire our students so that, in turn, the students will inspire us.