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Providing a place where students and teachers are able to gain skills and competencies for their future world and careers is arguably the most important responsibility of any school. We live and work in a “mobile first world” where society uses mobile technologies to connect to the internet 24/7. This untethered, always-connected access has made it possible for us to build a technology-rich environment where our entire organization can communicate, collaborate, teach and learn with anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

In order for our mobile-first mindset to be fully effective, staff and students need to learn to use technology effectively, efficiently, and responsibly. It empowers them to ask bigger questions and it prepares them to dynamically synthesize information from multiple sources in real time. Technology creates learning opportunities for everyone that was previously inconceivable. 

To that end, all students receive an iPad in every single grade. All teachers receive both an iPad and an Apple Laptop. All classrooms are equipped with an Apple TV, which allows effortless, collaborative screen sharing between teachers and classmates.