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The Majors Program

The Majors Program is at the center of our school model. It embodies our mission to honor each child as an individual by allowing students to specialize in an area of study that is meaningful to them.

Starting in fifth grade, students are required to enroll in a major, which is a rigorous course of study either in the arts or sciences. The Majors Program is designed for students to discover their own pathways for learning, and to gain valuable and authentic experiences in a discipline where they can thrive. A student's commitment to their Major over the course of their academic career cultivates disciplined accomplishments and expertise within their field of study, which in turn prepares and inspires them for future academic and artistic pursuits. Once a student is placed in their major, they stay in that course of study until graduation.

Select a school below to read more about the majors program and to view the list of majors offered at that location.

Majors Classes and Program Details