All college-bound students must make recommendation letter requests through Naviance.  You must identify 2-3 teachers, counselors, or adult mentors who can speak to your strengths as a student and an individual.  You should have a recent and ongoing relationship with the adult.

Instructions for Teacher and Counselor Recommendation Requests: DO NOT SKIP ANY STEPS!

  1. Complete the “Infosheet for Counselor Recommendation” and email to or
  2. Ask the adult from whom you are requesting a recommendation. You must get a verbal or written “yes” before making your request on Naviance.
  3. Request a recommendation following these steps:
    1. Login to your Naviance Account (
    2. Click the “Colleges” Tab
    3. Click “colleges I’m applying to”
    4. Click “add/cancel requests”
    5. Select your teachers from the drop down menu, and personalize the request with a message.
    6. Click “update requests” and you’re DONE!
  4. Email your teacher your resume and complete any other info form they request. (Teacher-specific Info Form Here)
Username: first part of your email address (minus “ ex. sthomas17 OR 18pkrisian
Password: stringtheory
Change your password immediately!
Explore the features of Naviance, have fun, and stay tuned for more information!
 What is Naviance? 
Naviance is a cutting edge, comprehensive college and career readiness solution for high schools.  This software helps students identify their strengths and align their interests to post-secondary goals.
Learn more about Naviance here:
What is Naviance Family Connection?
Family Connection is a customizable planning portal for students and families including self-discovery assessments, goal-setting, college research tools, course planning, career exploration resources, and individual learning plans.  All students and guardians have access to a student’s account 24/7.
What are some of the exciting tools and features that I have access to?
1. Career Interest and Strength Inventories
Naviance includes a number of questionnaires designed to help you understand your strengths and connect your interests and abilities to potential careers
2. Careers Database
Naviance gives you access to a database with thousands of careers.  You are encouraged to use the results of their inventories to enhance their research.
3. College SuperMatch
You can search colleges by a number of criteria including: GPA, Test Scores, Location, Majors,  and Cost to identify schools that are a good fit for you.  This activity also helps you gain a realistic understanding of important concepts, like school standards and cost, and helps you connect the work you are doing in the here-and-now to your educational future goals.